From understanding to repair : multiscales studies


GIBoc is a research team specialized in osteoarticular system with expertise of biomechanics, biologists, biomaterial specialists, clinicians and radiologists with a single goal: to better understand the healthy, pathological or repaired osteoarticular system for the benefit of patients.

Thanks to this expertise, the team is working on personalized solutions for bone tissue repair, fracture, joint and ligament treatment and also prosthesis implanting.

Integration within l’Institut du Mouvement et de l'Appareil Locomoteur (IML - Hôpital Sainte-Marguerite) is an advantage for the training of clinicians in engineering techniques, both in experimental characterization and in numerical simulation.

The team's themes are are structured around 3 axes : growing bone (resp: M. Pithioux); bone quality with or without a biomaterial (resp: P. Champsaur) and implantable medical devices (Resp: P. Chabrand).

The team is responsible of the Master's degree in Bioengineering of Tissues and Implants, which welcomes engineers, scientists and clinicians.

The GIBoc experimental platform associates imaging, mechanical experimentation and numerical modelling with clinical activities. The team's location on the hospital site allows tests to be carried out on original biological specimens within protocols only this rapprochement permits: clinical imaging, tensile tests, compression, indentation, material characterization, failure tests, biological analysis (histology, toxicity, bioreactor, cell adhesion…).



Biomechanics; Biomaterials; Digital modelling; Cell mechanics; Implantable medical devices; Bone quality; Clinical imaging; Arthrosis; Osteoporosis