Team DynamiCC

Understand and intervene


The primary ambition of the Behavioral and Cognitive Dynamics team (in french Dynamiques Comportementales & Cognition; acronym DynamiCC) is to understand movement, and more specifically to understand its behavioural determinants and adaptations. The team thus aims to model the underlying sensorimotor, perceptual, cognitive and psychological processes, as well as their interactions

 The DynamiCC team considers that understanding movement requires interactions between different disciplinary approaches such as experimental and social psychology, behavioural and cognitive neuroscience, and neurophysiology. The projects carried out thus concern animals as well as humans, from both individual and group perspectives. The team studies the influence on performance of factors such as age, expertise, environment or disability. The amount of skills within the team makes it ideally placed to develop an interdisciplinary approach focused on movement.  

The DynamiCC team, under the responsibility of Nicolas Mascret (PR, AMU) and Fabrice Sarlegna (CR, CNRS), is organised around two aims:

Aim 1) "Sensorimotor, perceptual and psychological processes"; Resp: Hadrien Ceyte (MCF-HDR, AMU)

Aim 1 is to understand the multiple processes that determine performance. To this end, we wish to encourage both disciplinary and interdisciplinary work in order to model the dynamics of the interactions of all motor and cognitive processes.  

Aim 2) "Context, adaptation and intervention"; Resp: Rita Sleimen-Malkoun (MCF, AMU)

Aim 2 is to leverage understanding of motor behaviour as a function of the context to implement efficient interventions. Aim 2 is thus to develop a translational approach, and have a direct impact on general domains such as health, sport, transport and education.