On-machine and in-process surface metrology for precision manufacturing

  • Gao W.
  • Haitjema H
  • Fang F Z
  • Leach R K
  • Cheung C F
  • Savio E
  • Linares Jean-Marc


On-machine and in-process surface metrology are important for quality control in manufacturing of precision surfaces. The classifications, requirements and tasks of on-machine and in-process surface metrology are addressed. The state-of-the-art on-machine and in-process measurement systems and sensor technologies are presented. Error separation algorithms for removing machine tool errors, which is specially required in on-machine and in-process surface metrology, are overviewed, followed by a discussion on calibration and traceability. Advanced techniques on sampling strategies, measurement systems-machine tools interface, data flow and analysis as well as feedbacks for compensation manufacturing are then demonstrated. Future challenges and developing trends are also discussed.