MECABIO platform: At the service of companies for the benefit of patients

plateforme mecabio


This platform enables mechanical characterization tests to be carried out on all types of materials, biomaterials or biological materials. Each sample can be analyzed by multi-scale and multidisciplinary studies. Indeed, on each sample, we can carry out fatigue and wear tests, structural or material characterization tests (traction/compression device, nanoindentation device). Finally, we can perform biochemical and histological experiments. This allows us to understand the microstructure of the material. We can also perform in vitro bioreactor tests with cells. This platform is associated with the expertise of clinicians, radiologists, mechanics and biologists. All these associated competencies are unique at regional and national level. The engineer school “Ecole Centrale de Marseille” brings all its experience on the characterization of implantable medical devices, as well as its expertise in the industrial world.

This platform directly located on an hospital site, will allow to carry out scientific studies for the benefit of patients. This platform is a technological response to clinical needs.


General objective:

Biology & Experimental and numerical mechanics studies for industrial and clinical R&D


Platform members:

Martine Pithioux: Platform manager, Deputy Director ISM

Christian Jalain: Co-rmanager Platform, Teacher Ecole Centrale Marseille


Keywords / skills:

Competences for biomaterials, biological tissues and medical devices:

Design of experimental equipment (device and tools): models and definition plans,

Design of experimental equipment (apparatus and tools): Digital models and definition plans,

Digitization of materials, simplification of anatomical models for lighter models,

Storage of samples -80° C,

Preparation of bone samples, slow speed cutting,

Tension/compression/bending tests on biological tissues (human and animal bones, ligaments, tendons, knees, femurs and  tibia...), biomaterials and implantable medical devices,

Static and dynamic, cyclic mechanical tests on biological tissues and implantable medical devices,

Microindentation tests on biological tissues,

Bioreactor tests on biomaterials seeded with cells,

Histology platform for mineralized connective tissues of the musculoskeletal system (tendon enthesis, ligament enthesis, calcified tendon or ligament, joint, cartilage, bone),

Preparation of samples for resin inclusion (Inclusion of soft tissue),

Resin blocks cuts (possibility of paraffin blocks cuts from demineralized samples),

Preparation of mineralized samples for study on cold cuts,

Cryostat cutting of demineralized samples,

Histological staining of resin or paraffin blocks specific to connective tissue (Sirius Red, Alcian Blue, Toluidine Blue, Safranin 0/Fast Green, Trichrome, Ocein...),

Acquisition of images in transmitted or polarized light (sirius red, toluidine blue),

Optical microscopy,

Clinical imaging (scanner, DEXA, MRI, ultrasound),

Microscan access,

Experiments on rats,

Abaqus®, Mimics®, Comsol®, Hypermesh®, Catia®, Inspire®