Des Propriétés Physiques du Monde à la Navigation Bioinspirée

  • Serres Julien

  • Polarized vision
  • Visual guidance
  • Altitude control
  • Celestial compass
  • Unconventional vision
  • Blackout scenario
  • Biorobotics
  • Bionics
  • Biomimicry
  • Bio-inspired robotics
  • Optic flow
  • Ultraviolet vision


Biorobotics aims at not only elucidating the sensorimotor mechanisms in animals, but also at embodying them sparingly aboard robots bio-inspired, which are then genuine proofs of concept evolving into real environment. This approach thus makes it possible to confirm or invalidate what we think we understand how animals work. This approach thus allows us to confirm or refute what we think we have understood about animal functioning. Thus, through an interaction between different scientific fields, Biorobotics simultaneously advances the understanding of animals’ sensorimotor mechanisms, but also provides robots with the agility of animals through a more ecological sensorimotor coupling with the environment. After a synthesis of my research work on visual guidance of animals including flying insects, birds, but also helicopter pilots, all of them being virtuosos of piloting notwithstanding that their visual systems are very different. The question will then be raised as to the common determinants of these flying agents to carry out altitude control or a landing on a moving target, for example. Forgotten by robotics, ultraviolet vision will then occupy a prominent place in my research prospects. Indeed, ultraviolet vision is used by insects and birds, but also by many aquatic species, to navigate on land, in the air, but also underwater. The AntBot ant-inspired robot is an emblematic example of the innovative potential of the biorobotic approach to ultraviolet vision. To this end, the optical properties of terrestrial and submarine radiation will be linked to the navigational capabilities of animals, which mechanisms and principles will make possible to design new bio-inspired navigation systems, but also pilot navigational aids.