Machine tool calibration: Measurement, modeling, and compensation of machine tool errors

  • Gao Wei
  • Ibaraki Soichi
  • Donmez M. Alkan
  • Kono Daisuke
  • Mayer J.R.R.
  • Chen Yuan-Liu
  • Szipka Károly
  • Archenti Andreas
  • Linares Jean-Marc
  • Suzuki Norikazu

  • Machine tool
  • Calibration
  • Measurement
  • Uncertainty
  • Error separation
  • Machine learning


Advanced technologies for the calibration of machine tool are presented. Geometric, kinematic, thermally-induced and load-induced errors are classified into errors within one-axis as intra-axis errors, errors between axes as inter-axis errors, and as volumetric errors. As the major technological elements of machine tool calibration, the measurement methods, mathematical models and compensation approaches of the machine tool errors are addressed. The criteria for selecting a combination of the technological elements for machine tool calibration from the point of view of accuracy, complexity, and cost are provided. Recent applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in machine tool calibration are introduced. Remarks are also made on future trends in machine tool calibration.