Generative design of joint contact surfaces inspired by biological morphogenesis

  • Arroyave-Tobón Santiago
  • Marquez-Florez Kalenia
  • Heymann Paul
  • Linares Jean-Marc

  • Biologically inspired design
  • Geometry
  • Stress


Recent knowledge about biological joint morphogenesis opens new perspectives in mechanics to automate joint contact surface design. The present work evaluates the feasibility of a generative design method inspired by the joint morphogenesis process to develop contact surfaces. A finite element model of joint morphogenesis reported in literature was implemented. This morphogenesis process was adapted and implemented for mechanical applications. The results show that the bioinspired joint shaping process adds matter in the zones next to the contact zone decreasing the contact pressure (up to 57%). The results demonstrate the feasibility of implementing biological growing rules in generative design. Biologically inspired design, Geometry, Stress .