Lateral femoral closing wedge osteotomy in genu varum.

  • Ollivier Matthieu
  • Fabre-Aubrespy Maxime
  • Micicoi Grégoire
  • Ehlinger Matthieu
  • Hanak Lukas
  • Kley Kristian

  • Knee
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Biplanar
  • Distal femur osteotomy
  • Hinge
  • Surgical technique


The distal femoral valgisation osteotomy has a variety of indications due to enhanced understanding of segmental deformities of the lower limb. Historically, an overall varus deformity was corrected at the tibia, and a valgus deformity at the femur. This approach of performing an "all in the tibia" correction for an overall varus can nevertheless lead to abnormal postoperative morphology because it is non-anatomical; creating joint line obliquity, and potentially shear stress on the cartilage. An original lateral femoral closing wedge osteotomy technique is described, allowing the correction of a genu varum of femoral or mixed origin, in the event of an associated tibial valgisation osteotomy. The detailed technique minimizes the risk of a hinge fracture while improving post-operative outcomes.