Mechanobiological model to study the influence of screw design and surface treatment on osseointegration

  • Rousseau Nicolas
  • Chabrand Patrick
  • Destainville Arnaud
  • Richart Olivier
  • Milan Jean-Louis

  • Osseointegration
  • Mechanobiological model
  • Implant design
  • Surface treatment
  • Finite element simulation


This study aims at suggesting a new approach to peri-implant healing models, providing a set of taxis-diffusion-reaction equations under the combined influence of mechanical and biochemical factors. Early events of osseointegration were simulated for titanium screw implants inserted into a pre-drilled trabecular bone environment, up to twelve weeks of peri-implant bone healing. Simulations showed the ability of the model to reproduce biological events occurring at the implant interface through osteogenesis. Implants with shallow healing chamber showed higher proportions of lamellar bone, enhanced by the increase of mechanical stimulation. Osteoconduction was observed through the surface treatment model and similar bone healing patterns compared to in vivo studies.