Impact of a pressurised membrane: contact time

  • Tadrist Loïc
  • Darbois Texier Baptiste
  • Lanzetta François
  • Tadrist Lounès

  • Pressurised membrane
  • Impact
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Contact time
  • Pressurised membrane


Pressurised membranes are used in various situations involving humans (protections, sports, etc). In this context, impacts mechanics of membranes is critical since under or over inflated membranes may create injuries. The effect of inflation pressure on contact time is investigated on a model experiment using a spherical membrane. Both gas pressure and impact speed decrease contact time. Direct measurements of gas pressure and temperature variations indicate an adiabatic compression in strong interaction with the membrane. The contact time of an inflated membrane is described by three dimensionless numbers, (i) the relative inflationP, (ii) the presso-elactic number P E that considers the gas-membrane interaction and (iii) the presso-inertial number I P that scales membrane inertia to pressure forces. A model of pressurised membrane impact is provided and compared with experiments. It shows that contact time depends mainly on I P with corrections on P E andP.