On the functional nature of perceptual-motor coupling during ship deck landing maneuvers

  • Thomas Mathieu
  • Pereira Figueira José M
  • Serres Julien
  • Rakotomamonjy Thomas
  • Ruffier Franck
  • Morice Antoine H.P.

  • Ship deck landing
  • Information-Movement coupling
  • Visual Guidance
  • Helicopter
  • Virtual Reality
  • CAVE


The coupling between the heave movement of the ship deck and the altitude of helicopter was investigated during ship landing maneuver performed by expert pilots in an immersive simulator. The dynamics of the coupling was found to evolve during the unfolding of the maneuver : pilots firstly synchronize the helicopter's movement with the ship's one, and secondly adjust the phase between helicopter and deck movement during the final part of the maneuver. This coupling might help in improving pilots safety since the more the coupling at the touchdown, the lesser the kinematic energy at impact. Results are discussed from a Gibsonian perspective and emphasizes on the role of motion in perception for goal aimed behavior. This preliminary investigation bRough fruitful insights into possible descriptions of ship landing complexity and related interface design.