Improving the Pedal Force Effectiveness Using Real-Time Sonification

  • Vidal Adrien
  • Bertin D.
  • Drouot F.
  • Kronland-Martinet Richard
  • Bourdin C.


The pedal force effectiveness, an important parameter in cycling performance, is rarely optimal. Decreased power is generally observed during the recovery phase (the cyclist does not pull enough). An essential part of training for cyclists consists in improving pedaling technique. Visual feedback can be useful but may not be feasible in real life, where the cyclist has to visually focus on the road. We propose auditive feedback as a better way to help cyclists improve their pedal force effectiveness in real-time. In this study, both competitive cyclists and non-cyclists tested different online sonification strategies of force effectiveness, comparing them to a silent control. The ''Squeak'' strategy, generating a squeak when torque was negative, had the most positive impact on Torque Effectiveness: some participants managed to eliminate any negative torque for a full minute. INDEX TERMS Cycling ergometer, movement execution efficiency, torque effectiveness.