Dispositif de détection du cap d'un véhicule par détection de photons polarisés linéairement

  • Monnoyer Jocelyn
  • Dupeyroux Julien
  • Viollet Stéphane
  • Serres Julien

  • Optical compass
  • Polarized vision
  • Celestial compass


A detection device (DD) fitted to a vehicle (V) and comprising : - N photodiodes (Pn), with N ≥ 3, fixed in a zone of the vehicle (V) oriented towards the sky, and each delivering signals in the event of detection of photons having wavelengths belonging to at least one predefined interval, - N filters (Fn) placed respectively in front of the N photodiodes (Pn) and allowing passage towards the latter, a computer (CA) determining the heading of the vehicle (V) from the signals delivered by the N photodiodes (Pn) in the same time interval.