Actomyosin, vimentin and LINC complex pull on osteosarcoma nuclei to deform on micropillar topography

  • Tusamda Wakhloo Nayana
  • Anders Sebastian
  • Badique Florent
  • Eichhorn Melanie
  • Brigaud Isabelle
  • Petithory Tatiana
  • Vassaux Maxime
  • Milan Jean-Louis
  • Freund Jean-Noël
  • Rühe Jürgen
  • Davidson Patricia
  • Pieuchot Laurent
  • Anselme Karine

  • Nucleus
  • Migration
  • Micropillars
  • Cytoskeleton
  • LINC


Cell deformation occurs in many critical biological processes, including cell extravasation during immune response and cancer metastasis. These cells deform the nucleus, its largest and stiffest organelle, while passing through narrow constrictions in vivo and the underlying mechanisms still remain elusive. It is unclear which biochemical actors are responsible and whether the nucleus is pushed or pulled (or both) during deformation. Herein we use an easily-tunable poly-L-lactic acid micropillar topography, mimicking in vivo constrictions to determine the