Online sonification for golf putting gesture: reduced variability of motor behaviour and perceptual judgement

  • O'Brien Benjamin
  • Juhas Brett
  • Bieńkiewicz Marta
  • Buloup Frank
  • Bringoux Lionel
  • Bourdin Christophe

  • Sonification
  • Auditory feedback
  • Kinematics
  • Motor coordination
  • Golf


This study investigates whether real-time auditory feedback has a direct behavioural or perceptual effect on novices performing a golf putting task with limited visual feedback. Due to its significant role in the success of a putt, club head speed was selected as the parameter for sonification. Different combinations of synthesisers, timbral modulations, scales, and mappings were developed to examine whether particular sound classes influenced performance. When compared to trials with static pink noise, we found that, despite their vision being limited at impact, participants were able to use different types of sonification to significantly reduce variability in their distance from the target and ball location estimation. These results suggest concurrent sound can play an important role in reducing variability in behavioural performance and related perceptual estimations. In addition, we found that, when compared to trials with static pink noise, participants were able to use sonification to significantly lower their average impact velocity. In the discussion we offer some trends and observations relative to the different sound synthesis parameters and their effects on behavioural and perceptual performance.