AntBot : un robot qui s'oriente comme une fourmi

  • Dupeyroux Julien
  • Viollet Stéphane
  • Serres Julien

  • Hexapod Robot
  • Celestial compass
  • Biomimetism
  • Biomimicry
  • Bionics
  • Biorobotics


Autonomous navigation has become one of the major technological challenges of the 21st century. Mobility needs are immense in service robotics and transports. Several location systems are now available: civilian GPS, which is very efficient, but suffers from variable accuracy (from 5m to 30m) depending on the weather and the environment, computer vision, expensive in terms of computing resources but also sensitive to variations in light, thus limiting its use outdoors. Directly inspired by the Cataglyphis desert ant, the AntBot hexapod robot is located on the basis of step counting and visual odometry by integrating the visual scrolling of the ground, while its heading is estimated using a celestial compass. AntBot repositioned itself with an error of just 7 cm, almost 100 times lower than the civilian GPS.