Development and Validation of a Scale Assessing Test Anxiety in Physical Education

  • Danthony Sarah
  • Mascret Nicolas
  • Cury François

  • Perceived competence
  • Achievement goals
  • Perceived control
  • Regulatory dimension of anxiety
  • Evaluation


Purpose: There is currently no scale assessing test anxiety in physical education (PE), despite the specificities of this class (e.g., body image, failure in front of peers). Accordingly, the aim of the present study was to develop a specific scale named the "Revised Test Anxiety and Regulatory Dimension of Anxiety in Physical Education" (RTAR-PE). Method: Self-report data were collected from 281 (Study 1) and 390 (Study 2) students in French schools (age range: 13-18 years). Results: Study 1 showed that the RTAR-PE scale has acceptable psychometric properties. Study 2 confirmed the results of Study 1 and showed the convergent, discriminant, and predictive validities of the scale. Gender differences were found, with girls showing higher PE test anxiety than boys. Discussion/Conclusion: The RTAR-PE is a newly available scale assessing the different facets of test anxiety in PE (worry, self-focus, bodily symptoms, somatic tension, and perceived control) considering the specificities of this class.