A Real-time Synthesizer of Naturalistic Congruent Audio-Haptic Textures

  • Kanzari Khoubeib
  • Bernard Corentin
  • Monnoyer Jocelyn
  • Denjean Sebastien
  • Wiertlewski Michael
  • Ystad Sølvi


This demo paper presents a multi-modal device able to generate real-time audio-haptic signal as response to the users' motion and produce naturalistic sensation. The device consists in a touch screen with haptic feedback based on ultrasonic friction modulation and a sound synthesizer. The device will help investigate audio-haptic interaction. In particular the system is built to allow for an exploration of di↵erent strategy of mapping audio and haptic signal to explore the limits of congruence. Such interactions could be the key to more informative and user-friendly touchscreens for Human-Machine-Interfaces.