Analytical prediction of the phase transformation onset zone at a crack tip of a shape memory alloy exhibiting asymmetry between tension and compression

  • Lexcellent Christian
  • Laydi Mohamed Rachid
  • Taillebot Virginie


Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) such as NiTi exhibit stress induced martensitic phase transformation. The purpose of this paper is to provide a betterunderstanding of SMA (such as NiTi) fracture behavior, by considering the vicinity of the crack tip where the transformation occurs. This analysis integrates the asymmetry between tension and compression in an analytical prediction of the surface of phase transformation around the crack tip for loading modes 1, 2, 3 and mixed 1+2. The influence of the asymmetry between tension-compression is more important in plane stress conditions than in plane strain conditions, particularly for mode 1 loading. In order to validate this model, we are currently setting up an experimental investigation to observe strain localization during crack propagation (transformation and martensitic saturation regions) on NiTi thin sheets.