Creation of helicopter dynamic systems digital twin using multibody simulations

  • Guivarch D.
  • Mermoz E.
  • Marino Y
  • Sartor M.

  • Digital twin
  • Dynamics
  • Simulation


This paper presents a new approach to develop digital twins of helicopter dynamic systems. Helicopter industries attach growing attention to the development of digital twins to be more predictive of mechanical parts lifetime. The number of sensors available to measure loads during flights is limited. Complementary simulations are necessary to compute all the loads that the mechanical parts undergo. A new process is described to build these simulations fed with flights data records. Complexity of helicopters dynamics systems leads to create several local models of subsystems using a multibody dynamic formalism. A study focused on a swashplate rotor assembly is presented to illustrate this approach, including a new model of bearing and its validation based on bench tests.