Pedaling technique enhancement: a comparison between auditive and visual feedbacks

  • Vidal Adrien
  • Bertin Denis
  • Kronland-Martinet Richard
  • Bourdin Christophe

  • Sonification
  • Gesture Efficiency
  • Cycling Ergometer
  • Torque Effectiveness
  • Cognitive Load


In cyclism, the pedaling technique is rarely optimal but could be improved using sensory feedbacks. The most common media used to display data of cycling power meter is a small screen placed on the handlebars. However, it could be dangerous by distracting the visual attention of the cyclist. That is why auditive feedback, called sonification, is investigated. In this paper, the effects of auditive or visual feedbacks on pedaling technique (evolution of the torque effectiveness) are compared using a lab experimental setup when subjects were engaged or not in a dual-task paradigm (cycling and detecting obstacles on the road). Improvement of pedaling technique is observed with both auditory and visual feedbacks, and reaction times to detect obstacles were not different between all conditions. However, sonification allows gaze behaviors more centered on the road, i.e. more secure. These results suggest that sonification could be a good solution to improve pedaling technique.