Prospective control of free-throw in basketball: Validation of a virtual setup and de-correlation methodology

  • Morice Antoine H.P.
  • Morice Antoine H. P.
  • Goulon Cedric
  • Ibáñez-Gijón Jorge
  • Buekers Martinus
  • Montagne Gilles

  • Basketball
  • Movement pattern
  • Visual information


Previous basketball studies are unclear on whether free throws are pre-programmed (Vickers, 1996) or regulated online (de Oliveira, Huys, Oudejans, van de Langenberg, & Beek, 2007). In line with the law of control framework (Warren, 1988), we are in favor the second solution. This would imply that visual information concerning the sufficiency of the current movement to score a basket should so as to correct the movement pattern if necessary. While eye-tracking measurements or visual occlusion methodology have provided strong evidences in favor of the online hypothesis, biasing visual perception by mean of virtual reality should ultimately settle the issue.