Multi-user virtual environments for physical education and sport training

  • Soltani Pooya
  • Vilas-Boas João Paulo

  • Biomechanics
  • Learn
  • Electromyography
  • Motivation
  • Psychology
  • Physical Activity
  • Physiology
  • Swimming
  • Train
  • Usability
  • Virtual Reality
  • Exergame


For effective learning and training, virtual environments may provide lifelike opportunities, and researchers are actively investigating their potential for educational purposes. Minimal research attention has been paid to the integration of multiuser virtual environments (MUVE) technology for teaching and practicing real sports. In this chapter, the authors reviewed the justifications, possibilities, challenges, and future directions of using MUVE systems. The authors addressed issues such as informal learning, design, engagement, collaboration, learning style, learning evaluation, motivation, and gender, followed by the identification of required elements for successful implementations. In the second part, the authors talked about exergames, the necessity of evaluation, and examples on exploring the behavior of players during playing. Finally, insights on the application of sports exergames in teaching, practicing, and encouraging real sports were discussed.