Modelling and traceability for computationally-intensive precision engineering and metrology

  • Linares J.M.
  • Goch G.
  • Forbes A.
  • Sprauel J.M.
  • Audibert Clément
  • Haertig F.
  • Gao W.

  • Geometric modelling
  • Error
  • Computational accuracy


In contrast to measurements of the dimensions of machined parts realized by machine tools and characterized by CMMs, software results are not fully traceable and certified. Indeed, a computer is not a perfect machine and binary encoding of real numbers leads to rounding of successive intermediate calculations that may lead to globally false results. This is the case for poor implementations and poorly conditioned algorithms. Therefore, accurate geometric modelling and implementations will be detailed. Based on the works of National Metrology Institutes, the problem of software traceability will also be discussed. Some prospects for this complex task will finally be suggested.