An Overview of Vertebroplasty: Current Status, Controversies, and Future Directions

  • Hargunani Rikin
  • Le Corroller Thomas
  • Khashoggi Khalid
  • Liu David M.
  • Marchinkow Laurel O.
  • Mudri Michael J.
  • Murphy Kieran P.
  • Ouellette Hugue A.
  • Munk Peter L.


Vertebroplasty is a cost-effective procedure for the relief of pain in appropriately selected patients when performed by a skilled practitioner. The currently accepted indications and contraindications for vertebroplasty are reviewed. The techniques routinely used by the authors are presented, including a discussion of recognized complications. Recent controversy has highlighted weaknesses in the practice of technology evaluation, and more robust studies will be required to address these issues across the board in the future more scientifically than has been done in the past.