Better satisfaction of patients operated on anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in outpatient setting. A prospective comparative monocentric study of 60 cases

  • Lunebourg Alexandre
  • Ollivier Matthieu
  • Argenson Jean-Noël
  • Parratte Sebastien
  • Delahaye David


The purpose of this study was to compare satisfaction, clinical scores, and complications of patients operated on anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) in outpatient setting compared to patients operated in the conventional hospitalization. This prospective non-randomized study compared 30 patients (mean age 31 +/- A 9 years) operated on outpatient setting for an isolated ACLR matched 1:1 according to age, gender, body mass index, delay to surgery, and preoperative clinical score (IKDC) to 30 patients operated for an ACLR in our conventional hospitalization department during the same period. All the patients were operated on by the same surgeon. The same technique of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with using four bundles semitendinosus and cage fixation was used. The same anaesthesiologic protocol and perioperative cares were used in all patients. Patients' satisfaction was assed using five questions about the course of surgery and hospitalization and a four-level satisfaction questionnaire (excellent, good, fair, and poor). Clinical scores (IKDC and KOOS) were compared preoperatively and at 1 year. Readmission within 30 day and complications at 1 year were compared in both groups. Satisfaction was significantly better in the group of day-case surgery and more patients of the group day-case surgery recommended this modality of treatment (29 against 24; p = 0.04). The IKDC score improved in the two groups (day-case group from 64 +/- A 17 to 86 +/- A 7; p < 0.001; conventional hospitalization from 60 +/- A 21 to 85 +/- A 10; p < 0.001), but no significant difference between two groups was found at 1 year (p = 0.86). No readmission was necessary in the two groups, but two revisions were needed in the group of the conventional hospitalization. Results of our study showed that patients operated on day-case surgery for an isolated ACLR presented a higher rate of satisfaction compared to patients operated in the conventional hospitalization with comparable clinical results at 1 year. Level III, comparative study.