Improving tool wear and surface covering in polishing via toolpath optimization

  • Chaves-Jacob Julien
  • Linares Jean-Marc
  • Sprauel Jean-Michel


    Polishing operations are commonly carried out manually, thus inducing variability on the surface quality. The aim of this paper is to automate the polishing of free-form surfaces in order to obtain high quality surfaces. Tool wear and toolpath surface covering have a great impact on surface properties. The current work proposes therefore a toolpath which optimizes both tool wear and surface covering. This toolpath is composed of an optimized elementary pattern repeated along a 5-axis carrier trajectory. Usually, trochoid patterns are used. Non uniform wear of the tool and uneven probability density function of the surface covering are the main inconvenients of such pattern. So, this paper proposes two optimized patterns: Spade and Triangular. Both of them lead to uniform tool wear. Our paper also demonstrates that the second solution provides a uniform probability density function. All presented computations are validated experimentally.