Inspection of Mechanical Tolerance by Using the Virtual Gauge on a Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Boukebbab Salim
  • Linares Jean-Marc
  • Boulahlib Mohamed Salah
  • Sprauel Jean-Michel

  • Virtual gauge
  • Metrology
  • Fitting
  • No linear method
  • Optimization
  • Least squares method
  • Coordinate measuring machine


The function to obtain associated surfaces on coordinate measuring machines (CMM's) is based on the minimization of the distance between measured points and the ideal surface. This function is non-linear for usual surfaces. In many works, to accelerate iterative calculations, the problem is linearized. The aim of this work is to reduce scraps using a transcription optimization of the fitting functionality of mechanical parts in maximum state of matter. An adaptive verification method is suggested. It takes account of the interface properties. A control by a virtual gauge and verification a process is developed to validate the tolerancing according to the previously suggested methodology.