Advanced Ultrasonic Tomograph of Children’s Bones

  • Lasaygues Philippe
  • Lefebvre Jean-Pierre
  • Guillermin Régine
  • Kaftandjian Valerie
  • Berteau Jean-Philippe
  • Pithioux Martine
  • Petit Philippe


This study deals with the development of an experimental device for performing ultrasonic computed tomography (UCT) on bone in pediatric degrees. The children’s bone tomographs obtained in this study, were based on the use of a multiplexed 2-D ring antenna (1 MHz and 3 MHz) designed for performing electronic and mechanical scanning. Although this approach is known to be a potentially valuable means of imaging objects with similar acoustical impedances, problems arise when quantitative images of more highly contrasted media such as bones are required. Various strategies and various mathematical procedures for modeling the wave propagation based on Born approximations have been developed at our laboratory, which are suitable for use with pediatric cases. Inversions of the experimental data obtained are presented.