Nonlinear control of a nano-hexacopter carrying a manipulator arm

  • Álvarez-Muñoz Jonatan
  • Marchand Nicolas
  • Guerrero-Castellanos Fermi
  • Lopez-Luna A. E.
  • Téllez-Guzmán Jose Juan
  • Colmenares-Vazquez Jose
  • Durand Sylvain
  • Dumon Jonathan
  • Hasan Ghatfan


This paper proposes a simple solution for stabilization of a nano-hexacopter carrying a manipulator arm in order to increase the type of missions achievable by these types of systems. The manipulator arm is attached to the lower part of the hexacopter. The motion of the arm induces a change of the center of mass of the whole body, which induces torques which can produce the loss of stability. The present work deals with the stabilization of the whole system-that is hexacopter and arm-by means of a set of nonlinear control laws. First, an attitude control, stabilizes the hexacopter to a desired attitude taking into account the movement of the arm. Then, a suitable virtual control and the translational dynamics allow the formulation of a nonlinear controller, which drives the aerial vehicle to a desired position. Both controls consist in saturation functions. Experimental results validate the proposed control strategy and compares the results when the motion of the arm is taken into account or not.