Optic Flow-Based Nonlinear Control and Sub-optimal Guidance for Lunar Landing

  • Sabiron Guillaume
  • Burlion Laurent
  • Raharijaona Thibaut
  • Ruffier Franck


— A sub-optimal guidance and nonlinear control scheme based on Optic Flow (OF) cues ensuring soft lunar land-ing using two minimalistic bio-inspired visual motion sensors is presented here. Unlike most previous approaches, which rely on state estimation techniques and multiple sensor fusion methods, the guidance and control strategy presented here is based on the sole knowledge of a minimum sensor suite (including OF sensors and an IMU). Two different tasks are addressed in this paper: the first one focuses on the computation of an optimal trajectory and the associated control sequences, and the second one focuses on the design and theoretical stability analysis of the closed loop using only OF and IMU measurements as feedback information. Simulations performed on a lunar landing scenario confirm the excellent performances and the robustness to initial uncertainties of the present guidance and control strategy.