Sagittal spine posture assessment: Feasibility of a protocol based on intersegmental moments

  • Blondel Benjamin
  • Pomero Vincent
  • Moal Bertrand
  • Lafage Virginie
  • Jouve Jean-Luc
  • Tropiano Patrick
  • Bollini Gérard
  • Dumas Raphaël
  • Viehweger Elke


    Evaluation of spinal posture has recently benefited from the contribution of three dimensional reconstruction technologies that have helped improve our understanding of this dynamic balance. The aim of this study was to present the preliminary results of a three dimensional protocol to analyze postural balance. This analytical method is not limited by certain constraints of the radiological approach and evaluates postural balance using a new approach taking into account the net efforts of different inter segmental centers. These preliminary results show the technical feasibility of the protocol. Its future development and clinical use could provide a better understanding of postural balance disorders, and help evaluate the impact of surgical correction on spinal balance. Postural balance; Spine; Intersegmental moments; Biomechanics