Event-based speed control on a sensor-less miniature thruster

  • Raharijaoana Thibaut
  • Dola Lorris
  • Boisseau Bruno
  • Martinez Molina John Jairo
  • Marchand Nicolas
  • Ruffier Franck

  • Event-based control


The main contribution of this paper is the experimental evaluation of the performance of different event-based control strategies in the case of a sensor-less miniature thruster. While most control engineering applications considers periodic control with equidistant sample intervals, the event-based approach updates the control signal only when required. The performances in terms of thruster power consumption and control update number are evaluated by comparing the event- based control system with respect to the time-based loop for the angular speed regulation of a sensor-less miniature thruster. The experimental results clearly show an important reduction of the control updates while the power consumptions are similar.