Plasticity of Muscular and Nervous Systems team

The team “Plasticité des Systèmes Nerveux et Musculaire” (PSNM) realizes its researches in the fields of ​​Biology and Health and more precisely in Neurobiology and Physiology. It studies the movement in living beings, under normal condition (young, adult and old), after a physical exercise (acute or chronic), an induced fatigue or a rehabilitation protocol, after a ligament or tendon lesion, after an induced osteoarthritis followed by an arthroplasty and after a lesion of the nervous system (stroke, spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve injury, …). Its expertise concerns the systems involved in the production of movement. More precisely, its researches are focused on the plasticity of motor, respiratory and cardiovascular neural networks and muscle adjustments activated during the movement. Its aim is to improve the fundamental understanding of the neural networks but also to open up land for clinical application in regards to nervous system repair. The team has expertise in physiology and neurophysiology, especially regarding the processing and interpretation of electrophysiological signals from electroneurographic, electromyographic and electrocardiographic recordings or ventilation data. It also has expertise in kinematic analysis of movement and locomotor behavior.