Assistance vibrotactile à l'interception locomotrice de cibles mobiles : étude de faisabilité

  • Morice Antoine H.P.
  • Mantel Bruno
  • Faugloire Elise

  • System design and interface engineering
  • Tactile communication
  • Psychophysics and psychological scaling
  • Virtual displays


Can we assist the locomotor actions of intercepting moving targets in the absence of vision using a tactile sensory augmentation system? When the target to be intercepted is visible, a person can adjust their walking speed so as to null the rate of change of the angle between their direction and the target (maintaining constant bearing angle, CBA). We present technological developments and a feasibility study evaluating the usability of a tactile sensory augmentation device intended to assist the locomotor actions of interception. Our results suggest that CBA coupling, which is naturally observed when vision is available, can be maintained when using our device, after a training period. We discuss the preliminary results of this study in the light of the experimental changes we will introduce into our scientific program in the future.