Anti-reflection cover to control acoustic intensity in in vitro low-intensity ultrasound stimulation of cells

  • Majnooni Meysam
  • Doveri Elise
  • Baldisser Jeanne
  • Long Vincent
  • Houles Julien
  • Scimeca Jean-Claude
  • Momier David
  • Guivier-Curien Carine
  • Lasaygues Philippe
  • Baron Cécile

  • Ultrasound stimulation
  • Cell-free culture medium
  • Acoustic intensity
  • Anti-reflection cover


Low-intensity ultrasound stimulation is a technique used in therapeutic ultrasound for bone regeneration. However, the underlying mechanisms are still poorly understood. In vitro studies on cell cultures are implemented to understand the processes involved. To analyze the effects of ultrasonic waves on cells, the control of the delivered acoustic intensity is essential. However, depending on the insonification protocol chosen, multiple reflections and standing waves that form inside the culture medium strongly hinder the estimates. In this work, we propose the development and the experimental validation of an anti-reflection cover. We demonstrate that this custom-designed device is effective in avoiding multiple reflections and makes it possible to artificially replace the layer of culture medium with a large amount of water. Finally, an analytical study of the acoustic intensity delivered to the cells is proposed.