The student's experience of teacher support in French vocational high-school classes with difficulties in school engagement in physical education: interest of mixed methods research

  • Girard Amélina
  • Gal-Petitfaux Nathalie
  • Vors Olivier

  • Mixed methods research
  • Experience
  • Perceived and experienced teacher social support
  • Vocational high-school students
  • Physical education


Introduction: This article aims to show the contribution of mixed methods research (Creswell 2015; Smith and McGannon 2018) to a study conducted within the Course-of-Action Research Programme (Theureau 2006, 2015). It analyses the experience of French vocational high-school students in physical education over a school year to identify and understand the social support of the teacher in engaging the students. This enabled us to describe and understand the typical supports experienced by students to engage with the work.