Extending the 3 × 2 achievement goal model to the sport domain: The 3 × 2 Achievement Goal Questionnaire for Sport

  • Mascret Nicolas
  • Elliot Andrew
  • Cury François

  • 2 x 2 model
  • Sport
  • Achievement goals
  • 3 x 2 model
  • School


In the present research, we sought to extend the 3 Â 2 achievement goal model recently proffered in the school domain to the sport domain. We did so by conducting two studies focused on the development and initial validation of the 3 Â 2 Achievement Goal Questionnaire for Sport (3 Â 2 AGQ-S). Study 1 (n ¼ 679), devised items for the questionnaire and demonstrated that data from the questionnaire nicely fit the proposed 3 Â 2 model, showed a better fit to the 3 Â 2 model than to alternative models, and indicated that each goal variable had good internal consistency. Study 2 again documented the strong psychometric properties of the measure, and additionally linked the goal variables to other constructs central to the achievement goal literature. The establishment of this measure allows extensive study of the 3 Â 2 achievement goal model in the sport domain, and promises to yield deeper insights into the nature of achievement motivation in such contexts.