High Prevalence of Mycoplasma faucium DNA in the Human Oropharynx

  • Edouard Sophie
  • Courtois Gaelle Denis
  • Gautret Philippe
  • Jouve Jean-Luc
  • Minodier Philippe
  • Noel Guilhem
  • Roch Antoine
  • Brouqui Philippe
  • Stein Andreas
  • Drancourt Michel
  • Fournier Pierre-Edouard
  • Raoult Didier


Mycoplasma faucium has recently been associated with brain abscesses and seems to originate from the mouth. We evaluated its prevalence by quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) in the oropharynxes of 644 subjects and found that 25% harbored M. faucium, probably constituting the gateway for entrance of the bacteria into cerebral abscesses.